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Oculus Insights is founded by an international group of veterinarians to support veterinary professionals in all aspects of veterinary practice management and team leadership. 

We believe that with the right knowledge and skills the daily veterinary practice will benefit tremendously. 

Via coaching and training we help create a high performing practice team. We educate and provide knowledge on leadership and management but focus especially on realizing positive behavioral change in the practice. 

We help the team to create a common goal and stimulate the practice leaders to be a modern leader who empowers the team members to come to an optimal performance. 

A great working climate in the practice will lead to better care for the patients and happy clients. This is the basis for a healthy and sustainable practice.



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Rob Kieboom DVM

After working as a veterinarian in practice and the pharmaceutical industry, Rob concentrated on leadership development. He trains and coaches teams and leaders in a wide variety of industries on all continents.

Greatest Passions: Multicultural collaboration, servant leadership, creating and leading high-productivity teams, team diversity.

Bob van der Heijden DVM

After working as an equine veterinarian for 16 years, Bob shifted his business from the horse to the professional who performs medical treatment. Training as an NLP coach, conflict coach, NLP trainer and hike & survival instructor helped him make this transition.

Bob is now a coach and trainer with seven years of experience in guiding medical professionals with personal or work-related problems.

His mission as a coach is to guide these passionate people in developing more self-awareness about what they do, why they do it and why it is important to them.


Joop Loomans DVM PhD MBA

In addition to his veterinary work in practice, Joop has always been interested in the organization of the teams he worked with. Job satisfaction and mutual involvement are important starting points for him.

How can the veterinarian and the professional group contribute to the health and happiness of people and animals? And how does our profession remain attractive to young people and financially healthy?

Within Oculus, he provides support to individual veterinarians or practices in finding answers to such questions. He can draw on his practical experience as an employee, as a practice owner, as a manager, teacher and researcher of a university clinic and as founder and manager of a clinic in China.

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