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There are many people who can tell a team played badly;

there are few people who can tell why and only a few people know what needs to be done to make them play better ” -Johan Cruijff

But .... the game itself can also offer insights.

'GAMIFICATION' plays in daily practice. Game elements contribute to knowledge and new insights.

GAMIFICATION includes online and offline activities with added game elements to encourage behavioral changes.

Behavioral changes are essential for challenges such as

  • change management

  • team development and support

  • welcoming and training new team members (onboarding)

Oculus Insights uses gamification with, among others

LeadOut Leadership Game, a business simulation where aspects of good teamwork and good leadership are discussed, and

Leadership challenge, a training to develop leadership skills in a challenging environment.

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Oculus' GAMIFICATION is all about improving the performance of the entire team and realizing concrete behavioral changes in the workplace. To this end, one must have the right knowledge, good feedback, reflection on one's own actions and practice of behavior.

Topics that may come up here are:

  • Communication techniques

  • Working with values

  • Dealing with difficult situations

  • Core qualities

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Team responsibility

  • Making clear agreements

By means of various game mechanisms, players or participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish work-related tasks.

The game is challenging, results are immediately visible and cooperation with colleagues is necessary to obtain the best results.


Our games contain various game elements that can be adapted to your personal requirements.

The main elements are

  • Game world: different themes are possible

  • Avatar: Each participant plays with their own avatar

  • Assignments

  • Quizes and 'battles'

  • Reward


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